leaf-dropTrees in  their natural, wilderness environment, constantly help each other create their own soil and mulch via their annual “leaf drop”. The leaves that fell seasons prior decompose into rich topsoil with the newly fallen leaves acting as mulch.

This is the natural process of trees in their natural environment. Trees, know how to create their own, healthy, fibrous root system which retains water and vital nutrients required for effective tree health.

When we have trees growing in tandem with lawn turf, the game changes. Grass is a tree’s biggest competitor, capable of robbing, vital moisture and nutrients from the tree. In the Fall, leaves are removed so they don’t smother the grass.

In the average situation, Herbicides are applied throughout the growing seasons to control weeds in the lawn. Often, trees are planted in new subdivisions that have had their topsoil removed leaving clay in abundance.

Trees having to deal with these conditions are under constant stress which can drastically reduce their lifespan. Since we tend to demand this environment of both trees and lawns in the average yard. We need to ascertain a viable way to help these two systems live more harmoniously.

Vertical Mulching

Vertical mulching is a technique we use to assist in alleviating soil compaction within critical root zones of trees. Soil compaction is damaging to roots, as it decreases porosity in the soil that should normally be filled with oxygen (micro-pores) and water (macro-pores).

Vertical mulching reduces damage from excessive water by allowing necessary aeration during wet periods and sub-soil water penetration during dry periods. The technique also aids greatly in promoting the formation of fine feeder roots.

Vertical mulching, a time tested method of overcoming the stress trees face in unnatural environments that we force trees to grow under, which creates cores of rich “top soil” down past the grass roots and into the soil area where roots can take advantage of them.

This is not a process that grants, instantaneous results. Just as trees slowly decline, they slowly return to a more healthful state after vertical mulching.

Vertical mulching provides the perfect opportunity to apply deep root fertilization to your tree(s). We formulate our own, custom soil blends based on our chemical and biological laboratory test results. Making the process and outcome far more reliable.



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