Tick and Mosquitos On The Rise

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          If you haven’t heard or noticed by now this is one big season for ticks and studies are beginning to show this will only grow in the coming years. By clear cutting forests we give mice, the Lyme-disease carrying agents, more opportunity to run around in wooded areas, infect ticks that feed on them and spread this infection to other animals, like deer. In 2002, a record -setting 4,631 cases of Lyme- disease were reported in Connecticut alone, the highest number in the United States! Because ticks are so small, ranging anywhere from .5-2.5 mm, the key to controlling their presence is by understanding their life cycle and habitat. Possessing crucial knowledge, so we can get to them before they get to you! Protect your family, friends and pet against Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses. Enjoy peace of mind by implementing a tick management program with Harrington’s Organic Land Care. Our goal is to reduce the tick populations in a safe and effective manner within one year. 90% reduction is not uncommon with out program when several applications are scheduled starting in the early spring. Call today to learn more about our tick management program.

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