Combines the benefits of humates with our premium vermacompost “VermaGrow”.  The 20% soil conditioning “Humate” added is an OMRI-listed, certified organic, granular product and is the foundation of all of our humic acid products .A biological source of beneficial soil microorganisms, enriched substrates and microbial foods. This formulation allows beneficial microbes to survive harsh soil environments, improve nutrient cycling, and increase plant health. For product mixing and application see product description below.

5 & 25 lb sizes (larger quantities available)


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Same as our VermaGrow product with the added benefit of 20% humates for mid to later successional perennial plants like ground cover, shrubs, fruit trees and evergreens.

For potting soils, seed starting medium, topdressing and to enhance and inoculate topsoil and compost. We recommend mixing 25-50% by volume for most all early to mid successional perennial plants. We also recommend adding 5% by volume our Active “F” foods.

Used for compost teas (1 cup per 5 gallons or 10 lbs per 100 gallons of clean de-chlorinated water) , compost extract and liquid biological amendments (L.B.A’s) 150 lb per 1,000 gallons. We also recommend adding our Active “F” food sources to enhance the beneficial microbes

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