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Choose from a variety of biological tests:

Basic Foodweb – (soil, compost and compost teas)

Biological Qualitative Assay – (soil, compost and compost teas)

Biological Quantitative Assay – Total Food Web (soil, compost and compost teas)

E. Coli

See below to review what’s included for each test.

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Biological Qualitative Assay: This test is an affordable option that provides a general over view of the presence of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes in your soil sample. Individual organism groups are given a rating from: Not Detected to Very High. A specific program is not developed from this assay. ~ $100.00

Basic Foodweb: Quantifies biomass ratios of total & active bacteria and total & active fungi. This test provides us the information to develop a basic program to adjust fungal and bacterial imbalances. ~ $125.00

Biological Qualitative Assay: Total Foodweb Package – This is a comprehensive package, which assays the total amounts and currently active amounts of bacteria, fungi, *mycorrhizal colonization and the predatory microbes: protozoa and nematodes. Nematodes are identified to genus, and listed by functional group. This package serves as a foundation in creating a detailed, specific soil health program that will create the best growing conditions for your plants. This series of tests will also indicate how much plant available nitrogen will be cycled by the predatory microbes in your soil during the next 90 days. This package reveals the required information to establish a basic foundation to fix imbalances in your soil. ~ $375.00

Combining the Total Food Web Package with a Complete Chemistry test, you will have a very clear and concise overview of exactly what is contained in your soil. The combined tests are like going to the doctor and having your blood pressure checked then, getting your blood tested. It provides the chemical and physiological components together which gives a much more detailed accounting of where you stand and the best way to proceed with treatment.


E.Coli: Determines the presence or absence of E.Coli and rates from High to Low. ~ $35.00

** Ecoli tests cannot be performed if samples are received on Fridays.

All Biology Tests include interpretations. Phone consultations can be scheduled for product recommendations at an additional cost.

* Mycorrhizal colonization available for soil samples only, not compost or tea.

Test turn around times can be up to three – four weeks during peak season (April – October)
Upon checkout you will be directed to a page containing Soil collection and submission form instructions.

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