What is an Organic Pro?

An “Organic Pro” is someone who has demonstrated proficiency using sustainable organic methods and:

1. Attended accepted levels of Soil Health Workshops and training in “the Soil Foodweb” principles.
2. Succeeded in the field using sustainable organic methods to restore or promote soil and plant health.
3. Achieved the high-level of awareness and continuous support of the plants in their care.
4. Effectively reduced or eliminated the use of chemical pesticide and synthetic fertilizers.
5. Has met the requirements of tracking multiple projects through successful transition to organics.

The dynamics of the sustainable organic approach we work with are complex, as we are managing a living biological system. Harrington’s Organic Pros program makes it easy to adopt these practices into your operation and dramatically reduce the amount of time and expense it takes to succeed in the field. Regardless of the area of land care or agricultural industry you focus on, you will improve your results.

Our pain, your gain…

Trial and error is expensive, risky and not good for business. We lower that risk because we’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to. For over 28 years Harrington’s has learned how to make this natural system work. With us as your guide, you’ll learn how to make it work for you. As you go through this process, our network of experts will give you valuable feedback on your progress and useful recommendations to fine-tune your practices. When you come on board with our Organic Pros you’re working with a world class team. You will get the training, tools, and guidance you need without all that pain and expense.

How does it work?

Essentially you become a member in our “Organic Pros” professional training program. Based on your level of expertise and the scale of your efforts, you select the level of participation that’s right for you. The illustration below shows the various resources available to you at each level. These include a mix of consulting, educational services, access to online resources, discounts on products and equipment and ways we will personally interact with you as your mentor through the process.

Organic Pros Membership Level Matrix

Organic Pros Membership Matrix

A Day in the Life of an Organic Pro Curriculum: Our memberships are extensive business development programs. We’ll show you how to build your business through a variety of ways we do every day! We will look at cost associated with these programs and products. We’ll walk you through the transition of implementing natural organic land care strategies by providing a support structure to help you produce profitable results in your daily business practices. You’ll know which foods/ fertilizers, soil conditioners, amendments, compost and compost teas to use at what time of year based on your regional soil types and condition. We will show you how to take our soil test interpretations and transfer the information into a written proposal including the follow up with the client and when and how to apply these recommendations. Not only will we help you transition your clients landscapes but we will help you  transition your clients too!

What’s next?

Your Success! As a starting point, we’ll need some information about you first. Please fill out the following form:

Once we receive your intake form, we’ll be in touch asap to get you setup with your desired level of entry.

Our goal is to ensure that your investment in a sustainable organic business model pays off and you succeed!”

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