Organic Tree & Shrub Programs

Organic Tree and Shrub Care

Organic Tree and Shrub Care

As trained environmental horticulturists, we have been practicing Integrated Plant Management (IPM) for decades. This approach involves examining your plants for insect, pest, disease and cultural problems that could harm or reduce their aesthetic value and correcting them throughout the growing season. This program is tailor-made for your property and includes some or all of the following services:

Insect/Disease Inspections & Control

A technician will visit your property from April through October and inspect and treat your ornamental trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens using the safest and most advanced methods available. Trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens under our care are still subject to stresses and conditions over which we have no control. There may be additional charges for extreme situations.

Organic Deep Root Fertilization

In nature, trees and shrubs are fed through the decomposition of forest litter. The home landscape does not provide this benefit. Our deep root feeding process provides all needed nutrients and organic soil conditioners, keeping plants healthy and helping them to resist pests.

Compost Tea Spray

(3-8 applications)
Compost tea can be applied as a foliar spray or as a soil drench. Compost teas apply beneficial organisms to plant surfaces so disease-causing organisms cannot find infection sites or food resources and as a soil drench, compost teas develop a biological barrier around roots to prevent root disease-causing organisms from being able to find the roots. These beneficial organisms provide nutrients to the foliage and roots to improve plant growth and improves nutrient and moisture retention.

Organic Surface Bed Fertilization

(for ground covers, perennials and vegetable gardens)
Our granular humate based fertilizer works quickly to rebuild tired, depleted and over worked soils. The humate and minerals found in our OS fall soil conditioner supply plants with all they need to stay healthy.

Organic Tree and Shrub Care

Organic Tree and Shrub Care

Horticultural Oil Spray

We selectively apply dormant oil to your plant material in early spring or late fall. This non-toxic application smothers and suffocates insects and/or their eggs.

Winter Evergreen Protection

(1-3 applications)
A non-toxic anti-desiccant overcoat that protects your broadleaf and evergreen shrubs from winter burn by slowing evaporation rates by as much as 80%.

Deer Protection

(3-5 applications) This non-toxic application discourages foraging deer by coating plants with a detecting agent that deer learn to stay away from. It is highly effective and won’t wash off with rain.

Tick & Mosquito Management

(3-8 applications)
Ticks and mosquitoes can be a nuisance and carry diseases that can effect us, our family and our pets. Our natural botanical insecticides can controls all stages of deer ticks and mosquitoes. Areas to be treated can include lawns and woodland borders and applications are made year round. Multiple applications are always recommended.

Trunk Injection

(Tree I.V.)
Our cutting edge formulations and state of the art injection technology deliver small, precise amounts of nutrition, disease suppression and insect control treatments, directly into the vascular system of trees and shrubs, treating the plant from the inside without impacting the surrounding environment. Since everything occurs within the tree, there is virtually no risk of chemical exposure to you, your property, your children or your pets.

Soil Injection

We soil inject insecticides (to manage insects) and/or natural bio-fungicides (to manage diseases). Materials are absorbed by the root system and move through the vascular system and/or re-colonize the soil with beneficial microbes to protect the roots from pathogens

Bed Weed Control

We apply a pre-emergent in the spring, with follow-up post-emergent treatments during the
growing season to eliminate weeds from shrub beds, parking lots, and cracks and crevices.
An organic treatment can be used in some cases, but is not as effective as a chemical control.

Arboricultural Services

We are certified arborists, fully qualified to care for your valuable trees and shrubs. In addition
to our plant health care services, we are available for tree physicals, consultations, pruning of
shade trees and ornamentals, structural repair and storm damage prevention techniques
including cabling and bracing, hazardous removal and emergency storm damage clean-up.

Hire one of our licensed technicians for professional landscape advice. We’re available by the

hour at a reasonable rate. Also available for seminars, talks, etc.


Beneficial Insect Releases

A technician may bring species of insects that will parasitize or prey on insect pests that are attacking your plants. This method of pest control is a completely natural alternative to insecticide sprays. These releases may be done as part of routine ornamental tree and shrub inspections. Species used can include: Lady Bird beetles, Lace wings and Preying Mantis. These insects will not harm your plants or you in any way.

Pelletized Humate Compost/Natural Fertilizers

Organic pelletized humate compost and fertilizer application promotes soil biology by providing beneficial fungi and bacteria. For use in shrub and bed areas.  Also an excellent soil amendment and fertilizer in vegetable and perennial gardens.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control and Management

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid initially invaded the United States in the 1920’s. This insect was introduced from Asia and has been working its way up the east coast, arriving in Connecticut in 1985. Adelgids have defoliated and killed large numbers of native Canadian hemlock trees throughout American forests. Adelgids are cool weather insects and well adapted to the New England climate, so adult adelgids can be found almost any time of year. They look like globular masses of cottony/waxy tufts, resembling the end of a q-tip, found on bark, foliage and twigs. Depending on the time of year, size of the tree(s), number of trees and location we will determine which method and material will be most effective at controlling and managing the hemlock woolly adelgid insects on hemlock trees.

The Arborjet System

Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or soil applying pesticides for tree insect or pest control. Arborjet trunk injection equipment injects formulations directly inside trees. With over 10 years of research and development, our trunk injection systems and formulations are proven to give the best results when protecting trees from pests.  Nontoxic, environmentally safe products custom developed to enhance plant defenses are often used with our Arborjet system too.

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