Organic Lawn & Soil Health Care Programs

An unhealthy lawn
Testing is the key to understanding your land's needs.
Establishing a new organic lawn
Ahh.... Nice, fluffy, safe turf!
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Traditional lawn care practices have neglected the benefit of healthy soil and have relied on synthetic fertilizer and frequent broadcast applications of herbicides and insecticides. These practices render the soil lifeless and the landscape becomes dependent on chemical applications. Our organic programs add vital organic matter to your soil and will enhance your soil’s microbial populations, which is the life of your soil, making your lawn and landscape healthy lush and green all season long. Our lawn and soil Health care program consist of 6-8 timed applications of organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, and activated liquid compost extract at four-five week intervals to promote lush green grass, naturally. This allows us to monitor your lawn regularly and to adjust treatments as necessary based on either our standard or premium health care program.

Lawn renovation (seeding) services

Lawn renovation or slice seeding is recommended when your lawn is, thin, has bare areas, or the necessity to introduce new grass varieties to an old worn-out lawn. The introduction of superior turf grasses will help reduce lawn disease, insect, and weed pressures and improve the overall condition of your lawn.

Soil Analysis

The road to a healthy beautiful landscape begins
with a full laboratory soil analysis. The sample is brought to our laboratory for a complete analysis. The results provide a blueprint of your soil’s chemistry. This proactive approach helps us to understand just what your soil requires. Follow-up testing is done once every three years. In some cases we do leaf, compost, compost tea and soil bio-assays.

Slice seeding or overseeding cuts the soil and directly places seed down into the soil where it can germinate properly. Lawn replacement is recommended if the entire lawn is out competed by weeds, has a lack of grass cover, or is composed of undesirable grasses.

We use an organic nonselective weed control to kill off existing vegetation. The lawn is then overseeded with the correct types of seed based on the existing soil conditions, location and usage.  And finally, we apply our special blend of organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, liquid compost and natural dethatchers to decompose the existing vegetation. When the soil needs to be improved we will top-dress or incorporate either pelletized compost, earth worm castings and or thermal compost to really give your lawn a jump start!

The Result…

  • A plush, safe organic lawn, the way nature intended.
  • Feel safe relaxing or playing in your yard with your family and pets!
  • Know that your land is working with you 24/7 avoiding problems with erosion, run-off and leaching pesticides in to you’re water system and neighborhood!
  • You’ll ultimately conserve water by keeping it IN your lawn!!
  • Rest assured your gardens, lawn and trees will welcome the myriad of friendly bacteria, fungi and wildlife!








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