Organic Land Care Services

Going Organic means first understanding how plants really grow in nature, and then fully supporting that natural growing system. We do this by promoting life in the soil with natural organic materials.  Chemically treated landscapes are far from natural. In fact, chemicals practically eliminate all the biological life in the soil that plants require to grow and be healthy. When it comes to organic land care, it works quite differently.

Organic land care treats and helps support the life in the soil while chemicals feed the plant directly.  Unlike chemically treated landscapes, we do not stop the plants natural ability to establish itself as a stable self-sustaining crop by using man-made chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Rather, using organics, we support the natural growing process.

Plants and soil are interdependent dynamic living systems and should be treated as such. Each lawn we treat is a unique eco-system and at Harrington’s we understand and respect this.  From weeds, insects and disease – even ticks and deer, we have the experience and expertise. It all starts with the soil and a soil test.

If you’re not testing you’re guessing!

Many ordinary landscape practices can have adverse effects on soil biology. For example, raking up leaves removes essential organic matter. While applying weed control to kill emerging weeds, the toxins it contains can also debilitate or kill trees and shrubs. Pesticides that rid plants of insect and disease pests also kill beneficial microorganisms that work to keep your soil healthy. Quick fix fertilizers which are applied to compacted or poor soil to make plants grow fast and green exhaust their roots, promoting thatch and or undecomposed plant residue providing a breeding ground for insects and disease. Years of these practices take a toll. Soil is depleted of organic nutrients, deprived of oxygen and contaminated with chemicals that seep into the water table and threaten our irreplaceable water supply.

At Harrington’s Organic Land Care we have developed one of the most advanced plant care systems in the country.”

Our integrated approach offers many benefits over more conventional methods. Organic soil amendments promote deeper root development, providing a healthy foundation which helps trees, shrubs, crops and other plants handle pests, diseases and stress including extreme and adverse weather conditions, thereby prolonging their life. Our program includes organic fertilizers and soil amendments which promote lavish bud development and enhance flower and foliage colors. Our program builds deep roots (most chemically treated plants have only a 2-3” root system) which can cut irrigation costs by as much as 30% since stronger plant root systems require less watering.

Providing Organic Land Care Services services to the following CT towns:

Farmington, Unionville, West Hartford, Windsor, Windsor Locks, Enfield, Suffield, Granby, East Granby, Tarrifville, Bloomfield, Coventry, Tolland, Bolton, Burlington, Bristol, Plainville, Avon, East Hartford, Manchester, East Windsor, Broadbrook, South  Windsor, Ellington, Vernon, Bolton, Glastonbury, Marlborough, Wethersfield, Newington, East Berlin, Rocky Hill, Simsbury, West Simsbury, Canton, New Hartford, Cheshire, Southington

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