Mole eating wormsWe are receiving calls daily regarding lawns and landscapes that are infested with moles. We are trying to find out why there is all of a sudden such an increase of moles. It could be grubs but our conclusion is that it is more than likely from the presence of invasive Crazy Snake Worm that is invading our Connecticut soils.

These worms deplete the nutrients that beneficial organisms and worms, such as night crawlers, need to survive and keep the soil healthy. Its good that the moles are potentially going after the Crazy Snake Worms but its unfortunate that the moles are destroying the lawns and landscapes in the process. We have products to manage both the moles and the Crazy Snake Worm with all natural products. We recommend 2-3 applications for best results.
The Crazy Snake Worms produces different generations throughout the year and overwinters eggs. That is why we recommend multiple applications. Please give us a call today for a quote to manage both moles and the Crazy Snake Worm. To learn more about the Crazy Snake Worm, check out our blog post


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