Compost Tea Center

compost teaWe have been perfecting our compost tea brewing and extracting technique for the past 25 years and in 2005 we opened the Compost Tea Center which is capable of processing 15,000 gallons per day. Our unique blend of high-end vermicompost and fungally dominated ramiel woodchip compost (made onsite) supply a diverse and concentrated array of microbial life that depleted soils need to properly support plant health. The bacterial to fungal ratios can be adjusted to suit the crop, whether it is a lawn, mature tree, or an agricultural application.

We supply other companies with liquid compost extract when they are in need of bulk material. We offer training for small groups  at our facility, or we can come to you. Training opportunities include: plant health care and disease prevention, compost/compost tea production, understanding soil tests and making appropriate recommendations, nutrient cycling and the soil food web, microscope use, and microbe identification.

Liquid Compost Extract Overview and or Liquid Biological Amendment (L.B.A’s)

teacenter_01Liquid biological amendment (LBA) is a concentrated natural liquid amendment derived from custom designed worm castings and fungal compost, and enhanced with beneficial microbes, fungi, humic and fulvic acids, auxins, gibberellins, amino acids and other growth enhancers. LBA has billions of beneficial native bacteria and fungi per milliliter. LBA is great for greenhouses, hydroponics, sod farms, agriculture, nurseries, athletic fields, professional turf, home lawn care, home gardens, and indoor potted plants. It will expand the root mass and surface area of turf or any other plant and enable the plant to take in nutrients and water in an extremely efficient manner. It works in concert with any type of fertilizer by breaking it down into usable units for the root systems of turf or any other plants, shrubs, or trees.  LBA is also a “green” product and will not hurt the environment, people, children, pets, or plants as any runoff is natural and benign. LBA can be applied through hydroponic systems, with a hand-held sprayer, backpack sprayer, irrigation system, drip line, boom sprayer, or hydroseeder.


  • Lowers irrigation costs by 30%-50%
  • Lowers fertilization costs by 50%
  • Increases root density 30%
  • Increases germination rates from 75% to 95%
  • No harmful run off
  • Reduce death from transplant shock by 70%.
  • Increases drought resistance
  • Enhances taste and nutritional value of agricultural crops
  • Increases growth rate of all types of plants
  • Reduce liabilities for employees and clients, as compared to chemical applications.
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