Consulting Services

Organic Consulting Services

Organic Consulting Services

Our passion from day one has been educating and teaching people and businesses how to transition from chemical dependent to organic and sustainable.”


For Small- To Large-Scale Operations

Harrington’s has over 30 years experience in the horticultural and agricultural industry. Health and environmental concerns stimulate discussion around the use of inorganic fertilizers and chemical pesticides used to manage landscapes, nurseries and food crops. Harrington’s has comprehensive body of knowledge and experience that is the foundation needed to develop natural and organic programs for most lawns, tree, shrubs, plants and crops.

We offer a range of consulting services and will put together a proposal to meet your specific needs. At Harrington’s we offer services in many different areas of natural and organic plant care. We are available for on site and phone consultation, lectures and training seminars.

Where we Specialize

  • Customized Whole System Design
  • Customized Equipment Design and Modification
  • Composting, compost tea, spray systems, delivery equipment
  • Innovative Technologies & Product Recommendations
  • Product sourcing, pricing, customized blends (white label options)
  • Cost Estimation For Commercial & Residential Properties


  • Natural and organic turf and lawn management
  • Natural and organic tree and shrub management
  • Plant Care & Insect/Disease Prevention
  • Understanding Soil Tests & Making Appropriate
  • Recommendations
  • Compost/Compost Tea Production
  • Understanding Nutrient Cycling & the Soil Foodweb
  • Microscope and Microbe Identification

Agriculture / Horticulture

  • Customized Whole System Design based on farm goals & regional soil/plant parameters
  • Customized Equipment Design and Modification
  • Innovative Technologies & Product Recommendations
  • Complete biological and chemical soil testing and recommendations
  • Crop care & Insect/Disease management and prevention
  • Custom Compost/Compost Tea Production

Harrington’s Organic Land Care, LLC is a company whose mission is to provide education and real world experiences to a diverse group of clients when it comes to transitioning from a conventional approach to a less toxic approach that can save you time and money.

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