organic contractor services

Organic Contractor Services

Harrington’s Organic Land Care (HOLC) has over 28 years experience in organic and sustainable plant care and we specialize in manufacturing and applying vermicompost products, compost extract, compost teas, compost, and running/operating a successful land care business.

We custom-build compost tea extractors, brewers, spray equipment and fulfill wholesale bulk orders of custom organic fertilizers and soil amendments. HOLC consults with companies both nationally and internationally, helping businesses reach their goals while saving valuable time and money by eliminating the guesswork of purchasing products and equipment for organic land care.

Our passion lies in educating and teaching people and businesses how to transition from dependence on synthetic chemicals to organic and sustainable programs.”

Harrington’s Organic Land Care is proud to be an affiliated Soil Foodweb Lab. We provide independent soil testing for our clients as well as quality control testing of our own products including compost and compost teas. We work directly with Soil Foodweb as an independent lab. Quality control, experience and consistent results are the keys to our success and yours.

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