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Tick and Mosquitos On The Rise

          If you haven’t heard or noticed by now this is one big season for ticks and studies are beginning to show this will only grow in the coming years. By clear cutting forests we give mice, the Lyme-disease carrying agents, more opportunity to run around in wooded areas, infect ticks that feed on […]

Winter Protection: Preventing Winter Damage to Trees & Shrubs in the Landscape

Time to protect those plants!! We had some warmer weather here in the North East and now we are dealing with a cold snap. This is a very critical time for trees and shrubs.Winter damage can occur on many landscape plants especially broadleaf evergreens such as Rhododendrons, Andromeda, Mt. Laurel, Holly and Boxwoods. Permanent damage […]

Public hearing from the CT Agricultural Experiment Station on the invasive Emerald Ash Borer


Connecticut residents are becoming, increasingly, aware of an invasive threat that is very real. Over the past 100 years, the state’s native woodlands and urban forests have been hit hard by the gypsy moth, the Japanese beetle and the hemlock woolly adelgid, among other pests. More recently, Connecticut has been bracing for the possibility that […]

Todd Educating Organic Professionals on Compost & Compost Tea


Todd was at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society on December 9, 2014 educating future organic professionals from the PA NOFA Accreditation course on compost and compost teas. The Pennsylvania Horticulural Society is the largest horticultural society in the country! Todd Harrington talking about compost. “A stable compost needs moisture! About 50 percent”Make sure your compost maintains […]

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