The 4 Easy Steps to an Organic Lawn

Step 1: Call Now for an Onsite Consultation and Soil Sample.

You will meet with the owner, Todd Harrington, an expert in organic landscape management, to discuss the history of your lawn and how the Harrington’s system can work for you. A soil sample will also be collected at this initial visit. “WE DON’T GUESS, WE TEST!”

Step 2: Sign Up for one of our Soil Health Care Programs

Healthy soils nourish the lawn and landscape with the necessary minerals and nutrients it requires. Lawns that have been treated with synthetic fertilizers and chemicals are often stripped of beneficial micro-organisms that nourish the plants.

Our Soil Health Program will revitalize and balance your soil for the needs of your grass plants – not pesky weeds, insects and diseases – eliminating the need for the use of toxic chemicals. Each visit includes an inspection by one of our trained horticulturists and a custom application of our exclusive products.

Step 3: Receive Your Comprehensive Soil Chemistry Analysis

Your comprehensive soil chemistry analysis provides us with the blueprint of your soil.  This is how we customize the soil health care program based on your landscape’s needs. This proactive approach eliminates unnecessary, costly applications.  Every soil is different, so why should they all be treated the same?

Step 4: Over-Seeding: Out with the Old, In with the New

Over seeding is a regular part of an aggressive, natural, organic program.  Introducing new grass varieties can reduce the need to apply toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.   We offer a full line of seeding and renovation services to introduce new grass varieties that are more vigorous, insect and disease resistant, and well suited for your landscape environment.

Call Harrington’s Organic Land Care today to begin Your 4 Easy Steps to an Organic Lawn!

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