Just wanted to send along a quick note telling you how good our lawn looks.  At least 100% better than it was last year!  Thanks very much for the work you and your guys have done on it.

Dave Carlson, Farmington, CT

Amazing results in reclaiming battered lawns! Highly knowledgeable lawn, shrub and tree care staff  provide expert care for your property. Organic fertilizers and weed and pest control,  so no pesticides which are harmful to bees, birds or you. Excellent detailed feedback on the state of your lawn and trees & shrubs.

Jo,  Hartford, CT

I cannot begin to express how amazing your work is and how thankful we are for your vacation time taken to talk to us about the details of this amazing technology.
Attached is a pic of you teaching the course. Thank you so much for taking the time to lead this wonderful lecture. We were all thrilled!! With immense gratitude


Erica Klopf - "Florida Edible Landscaping"

I hired Harringtons as I wanted to change to organic lawn care. I’ve been very happy with their service to date.  Staff are knowledgeable and easy to work with and customer service has been exceptional!

Kathleen,  Bloomfield, CT

I signed up for the yearly premium service. They come out seven times, spray weeds and do seeding. They also put compost tea down. Their technician Jay is very good. He told me with the organic service it takes about three years to see results. They aren’t using the heavy poisons that others use, but it increases the ecology of the soil.

Tro, Cromwell, CT

For – four years now, Harrington’s has helped me convert my herbicide and pesticide dependent yard into a healthy organic lawn. Our experience with Harrington’s has been a dream. From the start, they gave us a very realistic multi-year plan for our yard, sketching out how they would help our lawn detox from its dependence on nonorganic compounds. As they predicted, our annual costs have reduced from year to year as our lawn has become healthier and less dependent on our intervention. My neighbors often tell me that you wouldn’t know our lawn is organic because it is the best looking lawn on the block. I say that that’s how you know it’s organic! Besides their expertise and professionalism, Harrington’s is a fantastic company because of the quality of their people. Everyone I have worked with there–from Todd Harrington, to the very knowledgeable and helpful office staff, to the delightful people who come to service my lawn–has been great. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Wendy, East Hartford

I must say unequivocally that i have not seen a lawn as beautiful as ours anywhere else. We receive constant compliments on how green and thick it is. My daughter and her friends love to run around on it in their bare feet. We would be happy to give your company written positive testimonials.

While we personally are doing our small part in trying to preserve the environment for future generations by having a hybrid car, solar panels on our roof and now an organic lawn, we would like to get more people to be friendly to the environment by getting the word out by Harrington’s Organic Lawn Care since we are now converts to the benefits of an organic lawn.

John R. Manchester, CT

We have used Harrington’s for years to control ticks organically and naturally so that I avoid applying pesticides to my dog and yard. This application has been very successful and over the years we’ve gained an education from the Harrington workers who have come to apply the application, sharing with us the changing ingredients based on the conditions and most importantly, sharing their passion for natural and sustainable care of the environment.

With such high regard for the company, we decided to ask Harrington’s to help us grow a lawn (something we had failed at on our own many times over the years). Todd came out personally to conduct a complete assessment of our yard and its challenges (like being surrounded by woods), including soil analysis in multiple areas, light, wear, use…and developed a plan suited for our unique environment and conditions. His estimate for the work was reasonable and his team was (and continues to be) professional and knowledgeable.

We followed the instructions and the yard is, remarkably, looking awesome. The success of the plan exceeded our expectations. The varieties of grass used are very well suited for us and are already proving to be durable and hearty.

Todd clearly brings a wealth of knowledge about mineralizing and balancing the soil, which has been helpful not only with our yard, but with our vegetable and flower gardens as well. Todd’s understanding of the biology and chemistry of the soil and environment is remarkable and his ability to apply this to create sustainable landscapes is like nobody else in the industry. Even over the years that I have known the company, the depth of their knowledge has grown tremendously, and it is clear to me that they are not only on the cutting edge, but leading the industry.

I am anxious to start using Harrington’s proprietary products (in particular their VermaChar) to better support the microorganisms in my gardens and soil so that I can grow stronger and more nutrient dense produce and herbs.

I am thrilled to have a yard that is strong, clean and sustainable!

Terry W. Avon, CT
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