The 11th Hour

the11th hour
The 11th Hour is a documentary released in 2007. The film implores that we’re far past the opportunity to reverse much of the damage caused by our human needs and greed. Now it’s 2015 and it seems we’re actually, beginning to see some changes in the United States. But, we’ve still got such a long way to go!

I find this documentary to be a great reminder of why we at Harrington’s Organic Land Care exist. We’ve been persistently promoting the message of Biodiversity for almost 30 years! Sometimes, the message becomes muddled because we get so caught up in technology, busy schedules, taking care of our families and getting stuck in our own minds that we easily, become distracted from what’s staring us right in the face!

Take a moment to ask yourself:

What will this Earth be like for our children, and our children’s children?

Maybe you feel there’s nothing we can do because our environment is so far gone already? I too, feel over whelmed thinking that we’ve gone too far and things could be irreparable. I admit, I am still not to where I, personally, would like to be in terms of sustainability. However, there is no excuse for me to not do anything to help our environment. I firmly believe that it’s in everyone’s best interest to work with nature vs. trying to synthesize it.

No matter what we do, the end result is not going to be that the Earth can’t sustain itself. The Earth can and will sustain itself, far better, without us than with us constantly stripping the land of all it’s resources. If we stay in a synthetic mode of agriculture, sooner or later, the Earth will wipe us out and simply go back to what it does best, “produce life” – without us.

Take a look at the past 100 years in America alone. Through developments in technology via science largely based on Newtonian physics. We’ve managed to destroy or deplete a vast amount of natural resources and wildlife. On the other hand, we’ve managed to extend human life expectancy exponentially. By and large, we’re creating a double edged sword. We’re destroying our environment while holding more humans for a longer period of time?! This is a complete, oxymoron that is in process of biting us hard! It’s going to get really uncomfortable, very soon if we don’t wake up to this, current, reality we’re creating.

Our civilization has created a scenario where the land is owned. Therefore, the Earth has no rights. It get’s subdivided, sold, manipulated and bastardized all in the name of corporate profits. The United States produces more food than we need. Obesity is an epidemic to the point where our government considers it a disability? Our constitution has been designed to uphold corporate decisions and interests far before the needs of the larger population and land we inhabit.

There are volumes of research and proposed bills sitting idle in congress that define many, viable, options for living a more sustainable existence. But they remain idle due to, higher paying “special interest” groups. Overall, I believe we, collectively, want to live more environmentally in tune. But, media, advertising and corporations motivate, manipulate and coerse mandates based on profits before the needs of the environment and it’s ability to sustain human life.

Don’t believe everything you see in the media. Become educated on environmental topics then ACT on what you know to be true. The saying “Knowledge is Power” is only valid if you ACT on the knowledge you have acquired. Hence our motivation at Harrington’s to offer courses and public speaking engagements. We know Biodiversity works. We’ve seen it work many times over and can assure you, the Earth will, certainly, surpass the existing approach to agriculture as practiced here in the United States by corporations. It’s time we went back to the way things should be – ORGANIC!



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