Additional Lawn Health Care Services


Moss/Algae Management

All natural 100% organic liquid application that suppresses moss and algae in wet, shady and compacted soils.


A layer of rich, organic compost (pelletized compost, earth worm castings or finished compost) is spread to replenish organic matter lost through normal attrition and improper lawn care practices. This miraculous compost
adds new life to your lawn. Compost is incorporated or top dressed with a lawn renovation or replacement.

Microbial Dethatch

A microbial based product which accelerates the decomposition of excess thatch. When thatch accumulates, it creates a favorable environment for insect and disease. At the same time, the thatch layer reduces aeration and can create hydrophobic conditions providing an unhealthy environment for turf. This unique formulation eliminates all these
conditions and creates healthy system for turf.

Core Aeration

Aeration is the removal of small cores of soil to allow air, moisture and compost to penetrate root zone. The core aerator will remove one to two inch plugs of soil and grass, and place it on the surface of the lawn.
We recommend topdressing with either pelletized compost or finished compost after each core aeration
to get your lawn looking lush, green and healthy the natural way.

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  • NOFA


    • NOFA - Northeast Organic Farming Association (Ogranic Land Care Committee Member)
    • ISA - International Society of Aboraculture
    • CTPA - Connecticut Tree Protection Association

  • Testimonials


    For four years now, Harrington’s has helped me convert my herbicide and pesticide dependent yard into a healthy organic lawn. Our experience with Harrington’s has been a dream. From the start, they gave us a very realistic multi-year plan for our yard, sketching out how they would help our lawn detox from its dependence on …

    I signed up for the yearly premium service. They come out seven times, spray weeds and do seeding. They also put compost tea down. Their technician Jay is very good. He told me with the organic service it takes about three years to see results. They aren’t using the heavy poisons that others use, but it increases …

    I hired Harringtons as I wanted to change to organic lawn care. I’ve been very happy with their service to date.  Staff are knowledgeable and easy to work with and customer service has been exceptional!   Kathleen,  BLOOMFIELD, CT

    I cannot begin to express how amazing your work is and how thankful we are for your vacation time taken to talk to us about the details of this amazing technology. Attached is a pic of you teaching the course. Thank you so much for taking the time to lead this wonderful lecture. We were …

    Amazing results in reclaiming battered lawns! Highly knowledgeable lawn, shrub and tree care staff  provide expert care for your property. Organic fertilizers and weed and pest control,  so no pesticides which are harmful to bees, birds or you. Excellent detailed feedback on the state of your lawn and trees & shrubs.  Jo,  Hartford

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