soilAt Harrington’s Organic Land Care, we are committed to creating a safer, healthier, greener environment. Since 1987, we have created landscapes that are naturally healthy and self-sustaining. Using our expertise and top-of-the-line organic products, we provide clients with lush green  landscapes without relying on harsh chemicals or constant fertilization. We take a proactive approach to plant healthcare by enhancing plants’ natural health and resistance to pests. This approach minimizes the use of chemicals over time.

Our emphasis on plant health is linked to our higher purpose: To make our clients’ landscapes a positive element, contributing to their health and to the quality of the environment as a whole. We believe organiculture is more than just replacing harsher elements with non-chemicals or inexpensive waste products like biosolids.

As professionals, we actively research and collaborate with organic and soil industry experts. We incorporate this knowledge into our existing programs, making it possible for us to offer services and products that are consistently cutting edge and effective.

Our family-owned business has its roots in Connecticut’s Farmington Valley. We are well known to our neighbors, who are often our clients.  International services also include soil testing, organic land care products, consulting and training for professional “Organic Pros.”

Organic lawn care is safe for kids and pets!

Our Commitment to Our Customers

  • We use only the finest, safest organic materials and techniques available.
  • When it is essential to use chemicals, we do so sparingly, as one might use medicines for a certain ailment.
  • We are readily available to answer any questions our clients may have.
  • We value our clients and depend on their satisfaction. We consistently work above the expectations of our clients to preserve and beautify their landscape so it will be a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come.

Company History

History of Harrington's Organic Land Care

For the past 28 years Todd has built an honest and solid relationship with his customers. It takes a special person to be an organic land care pioneer. Todd has helped, revolutionize organic land care. He has co-authored the nation’s first organic land care standards and travels the world as a soil consultant.

Todd Harrington is the president and owner of Harrington’s Organic Land Care, an organic lawn, tree and shrub care business founded in 1987.  He is a true forerunner in the industry, passionately trying to preserve and protect the landscapes and the environment through the use of organics.

As vice president and founder of Sustainable Growth Inc., Todd traveled to Turkey to consult with one of the largest apple orchards in the country and helped them transition over to a more sustainable program using biological farming practices. Working with Arborjet, he also has traveled to Abu Dhabi and Dubia in the United Arab Emirates to consult with the crown prince to help solve a major insect problems in their date palm orchards. He has also been consulting with many other companies around the country helping people and companies transition from chemical to sustainable methods.

Harrington’s latest endeavors have been developing new lab testing services, producing custom organic soil products, developing the Organic Pros membership program for organic land care professionals, consulting for other commercial landscaping, nurseries, golf courses and farm operations. His company Harrington’s Organic Land Care has over 28 years experience in organic and sustainable plant care, specializing in the manufacturing and applying of compost extract, compost teas and very high end composts. We custom build compost tea extractors, brewers and spray equipment.  We also engineer very high end soil amendments and composts.

“Our passion from day one has been educating and teaching people and businesses how to transition from chemical dependent to organic and sustainable.”

We have been consulting with companies around the country helping them reach their goals saving them valuable time and money. Harrington’s eliminates the guess work on purchasing products and equipment for organic plant care. At Harrington’s we have consistent results. We offer, wholesale, bulk custom organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

Todd and ElaineHarrington’s Organic Land Care is proud to be an affiliated Soil Food Web lab and has been doing independent soil testing on compost and compost tea extract we manufacture. Quality control, experience and consist results is the key to our success and yours. Todd is recognized nationally and internationally as a true pioneer and expert in organic plant care having made it his business since 1987. He is an international consultant and national organic speaker and trainer who has written numerous published papers – of which some have been employed as the basis for legislation. Todd is certified by the Soil Food Web®, headed by Dr. Elaine Ingham, who is internationally recognized as one of the world’s preeminent soil microbiologists.

“I’ve worked with soil ecologists all over the world developing organic approaches for lawn care and there is no one more suited than Todd Harrington to be the research director for this company. Todd is very knowledgeable, he’s developed the concept and applied it in real world situations to make organic lawn care work. He is a real pioneer in this field”.

– Dr. Elaine Ingham Ph.D Soil Food Web
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